Race Recap: Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon

Earlier this month, Vera Roasting Company ventured west to introduce CoffVee to wine country. We sponsored the 2018 Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon & 5K put on by Destination Races, and your very own marketing manager/blog writer, Kacie, also ran the race. We had a wonderful time out west, spreading the word about our revolutionary resveratrol-infused CoffVee and I even ran a personal best time! Read on to learn more about our trip.

Friday, July 13th- Welcome to Napa

The Vera Roasting Team hopped on an early morning flight and headed west to prepare for race weekend. We arrived in San Francisco and our first task was to find cups- which was somehow more difficult than you would expect. We scoured Costco, Wal-Mart, and finally Party City came to the rescue! After checking into our hotel, we headed to Cuvaison Winery for a welcome reception. Cuvaison was also the location of the race starting line. We met our race partners, some participants, and of course tasted Cuvaison's wonderful wines. Thanks to Paul for keeping my glass filled with Chardonnay!


Saturday, July 14th- Expo & Bib Pick-Up

napa expo

Saturday was the race expo in Napa, where 4,000 runners came through to pick up their race bibs, and sample our CoffVee. It was a busy day! We met with runners from all over the United States and we were thrilled to hear their feedback. Wine-loving race participants were excited to hear about the unique resveratrol infusion our coffee offers, and our new Wellness Blend CBD CoffVee attracted a lot of interest from athletes. After the Expo ended, we headed over to the finish line in Sonoma to start setting up our spot in the Rejuvenation Lounge.

Sunday, July 15th- Race Day!

Another early start for the Vera Roasting Team! The race started at 7am in Napa, and we arrived at the start line at 5am to serve CoffVee to VIPs and volunteers. It was a chilly morning in Napa, completely overcast with a breeze and a starting line temperature of about 60 degrees- aka- perfect running conditions. I hung out at the starting line, dispensed CoffVee, performed quality control (aka drank a large cup), and stretched while the rest of the team headed to the finish line.


Finally, it was time to run! The race began with a long climb up "Butt Burner Hill," and then descended through the many vineyards that make up Wine Country. For the first 8 miles, I felt great! The surroundings were beautiful, and after conquering the initial "butt burner," the rolling hills were a challenge I felt ready to meet and quickly passed the pace group for my goal time. But the good feelings didn't last, and at mile 9 I was craving a CoffVee boost! The jet lag, lack of sleep, lack of training and giant hill began to get the better of me and I slowed down. Finally, I made it up the hill and started to see the 5k runners and walkers. One unique feature of this race was the wine station at mile 10, handing out free cups of wine instead of gatorade. I did not try this hydration strategy and instead attempted to pick up the pace, weaving in and out of the 5k participants. After what seemed like an eternity, I turned onto the street that led to Sonoma Plaza, and heard the announcer calling my name. After grabbing way too many Clif bars and a water, I made my way to the timing tent and saw my net time of 1:40:39- a new personal best by 15 seconds! Then I headed to the wine tent to get my complimentary wine glass and went to celebrate with the Vera Roasting team. 


As more runners finished, the sun came out and we were busy serving and selling CoffVee. It was a wonderful day in historic Sonoma Plaza, as runners from all over were able to recharge with freshly brewed CoffVee and sample wines from nearly 40 vineyards. Congratulations to all the participants, it was a fantastic event!

rejuvenation lounge

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