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My family has a history of heart trouble. Great tasting coffee with an added heart health benefit- I'm in.

Robert, MA

I love CoffVee! The flavor is amazing. So smooth. Resveratrol for heart health is like icing on the cake.

Joan, VT

It's smooth, delicious, and heart healthy! We bought some to share with others as presents.

Barbara, AZ

Vera Roasting is a fine product. We have been using the coffee for a very long time. It is the best coffee I have ever used. These people are very good to deal with. Very responsive if you have questions. Packaging and order process are first class.

Gary, FL

I love the idea of adding a jolt of health to my morning jolt of caffeine. It makes coffee seem less like a waking necessity and more like a healthy addition to breakfast.

Dr. Moby P., NH

I'm picky when it comes to coffee. I've spent years bouncing between blends and brands hunting for the perfect one. I'm happy to say my quest is over! I also really enjoy offering this unique coffee to people when they come over. Great coffee! Cool brand!

Anthony M.

Excellent coffee! Smooth, not bitter. My previous routine included Dunkin Donuts every morning, but CoffVee has replaced that!

Lindsay G.

My husband and I have been drinking CoffVee for about a year now and we love the rich delicious coffee and the added health benefit of resveratrol. We enjoy the heart healthy results of drinking CoffVee every morning!!

Alison, NH

CoffVee has become all that I drink. Not only does it taste great, but the added health benefit of the resveratrol makes me feel even better about the choice that I am making! I love that it comes in K-cups, ground, or whole bean, and the company makes it easy to send as a gift!

Sara, NH

Introducing CoffVee

The World's Only Heart Healthy Coffee

At Vera Roasting Co., we've taken nature's most potent antioxidant, resveratrol, out of red wine and infused it into the finest freshly roasted coffee. The result is CoffVee. Every cup of CoffVee delivers the same amount of resveratrol and the same heart healthy benefits as one glass of red wine, but without any alcohol, sulfites, or tannins. Simply, it's better tasting coffee that's better for you! Play the video to hear from our founder, Dr. Glen Miller, chair of the University of New Hampshire Chemistry Department:

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