Sustainable Coffee Tips For Earth Day

This Earth Day, adopt to a more sustainable coffee routine! Here are our tips for limiting your environmental impact:

1) Use a Reusable Cup

Start carrying a travel mug or thermos (preferably one made from recyclable materials) for visiting coffee shops. Most coffee shops are happy to fill up your mug, often at a discounted rate. Not only are you saving the planet but also your budget- win-win!

2) Brew Coffee Manually

If you are a fan of home brewing, try using a manual method that requires less electricity. Grind your coffee beans by hand, and use a French press or Chemex to reduce your electricity usage. 

3) Recycle Coffee Grounds

Don't throw out your coffee grounds, give them back to the earth by composting them or recycling. Coffee grounds make a great natural fertilizer and can also be used to make natural skin care scrubs and exfoliants.

4) Buy Organic/Fair Trade

Support companies (like us!) who have adopted Fair Trade and Organic standards for their products.

5) Don't Use Single Serve Items

Individual coffee creamers, sugar packets, and plastic stirrers all contribute to excess waste. Instead, buy bulk items whenever possible and use refillable containers to minimize your environmental impact.

Do you have any tips for living more sustainably? We'd love to hear them! 


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