World Chocolate Day- Mocha Recipe

coffee mocha recipe

Saturday, July 7th is World Chocolate Day! Every day is a good day to enjoy chocolate, but in honor of this "holiday" we thought we'd show you how to make a Mocha drink.

A Mocha sounds like a super fancy coffee drink that only an experienced barista can make, but in fact it's really simple to make at home.

You need:

-1 cup of brewed CoffVee

-4 tbsp of shaved chocolate or cocoa powder (hot cocoa mix is also tasty!)

-1/2 cup of cream or milk

Use a microwave to melt the chocolate and heat up the milk. Stir the chocolate every 30 seconds until melted and combined with the milk. Then combine the chocolate milk mixture with the coffee and stir. We recommend topping with fresh whipped cream and sprinkle on some additional chocolate shavings. 


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