What is Fair Trade?

Vera Roasting Company is proud to use Fair Trade coffee. You may have seen the phrase "Fair Trade" on coffee labels alongside other terms like "organic" or "sustainable" and it's no surprise if you are completely confused about what these buzzwords mean! Let us explain why are committed to using Fair Trade coffee in all our CoffVee products.

We are joining the Fair Trade Certified movement through Fair Trade USA. You can read more about their specific standards and processes on their website. A simple way to explain it is that Fair Trade products put people and the environment first. The farmers who grow our coffee are paid fair wages for their work and have safe working conditions. The organization also enforces environmental and sustainability standards, although Fair Trade Certified products are not necessarily organic. Fair Trade organizations, like Fair Trade USA are committed to improving the lives of the people who produce our coffee while respecting the communities they come from. 

We will be rolling out new packaging during the next few months with the Fair Trade Certified seal. You can feel good about drinking coffee that's ethically produced.


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