How to Clean Your Automatic Coffee Maker

auto coffee maker

One thing that absolutely ruins a good cup of CoffVee is a moldy coffee maker! If you aren't regularly cleaning your automatic drip coffee maker, you could be exposing yourself to harmful bacteria and mold, not to mention ruining the taste of your CoffVee. Most people know to clean the coffee pot and filter basket with warm, sudsy water after every use. However, if you are using the coffee maker daily, at least once a month the interior of the machine should also be cleaned to remove any residue or buildup. The good news is that cleaning your automatic coffee maker is as easy as making a pot of coffee. Follow these steps to clean your machine:

-Fill the water chamber with equal parts of water and distilled vinegar. Use a paper filter and start the coffee maker. 

-Brew halfway through the cycle and turn the machine off. Let it rest for approximately 30 minutes and then restart the machine.

-Refill the chamber with water and a new paper filter and then turn the machine on again. Repeat. 

-Wash the coffee pot and filter basket with warm, soapy water.

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