Holiday Gift Guide

Approximately 80% of U.S. adults enjoy coffee on a regular basis, so the chances are high that you have coffee lovers on your holiday shopping list. We've put together this gift guide to give you some shopping ideas for the busy holiday season. 

At-Home Coffee Makers

The trendiest way to make coffee at home in 2017 is with an AeroPress or Chemex. The AeroPress is similar to a French Press, but it makes a smooth cup of coffee without grit because it uses paper filters. The Chemex is a manual brewer that uses a uniquely shaped glass design and special filters to make the perfect pour-over. Best of all, they can be purchased for less than $50! (Pro-tip: Don't forget to buy the filters! Standard coffee filters won't work well with these methods.)


Mugs For Everyone!

Coffee-obsessed individuals can't have too many mugs. We recommend our new Vera V mug in stylish red and black. We also love these color changing mugs- it's an accurate depiction of how we feel before and after our daily cup of CoffVee!


Coffee Accessories

Minor tweaks to your coffee ritual can greatly improve it's taste! Keep your CoffVee fresh with this stainless steel container in a beautiful Vera Roasting Red. When it's time to make coffee, measuring out and weighing your coffee on this sleek kitchen scale can also make a big difference. 


Random Coffee Fun

We love this coloring book! CoffVee + coloring = the perfect way to relieve stress or spend a snow day. Did you know coffee grounds are a natural exfoliant? The Coffee Scrub will leave your skin looking refreshed and healthy throughout the cold and dry winter months.

 coffee scrub package


Gift Sets and Boxes

Here's where Vera Roasting Company has swooped in to save the day. For the CoffVee fans out there, you can give the gift of health this holiday season with our gift boxes and gift sets. If you know the recipient's preferred roast, send them a gift set containing a bag or two  of freshly roasted CoffVee and a mug. If the recipient has never tried CoffVee, our gift boxes contain samples of our roasts, mugs, and a gift card. Take 20% off all gift boxes and gift sets with the code SANTA20- but hurry, you must order by 12/20/17 at 12PM EST to receive CoffVee by Christmas!



Happy Shopping!

-The Vera Team 

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