Fall Flower Coffee Crafts

We found this cool fall craft project that we just couldn't wait to share! Not only does it look nice, it also gives your used coffee grounds a second life and helps deodorize your home. Coffee grounds absorb odors and look like soil to create an attractive, sustainable, and functional fall display.

fall coffee craft project

From Home Talk:

Air Freshening Flower Vase

You will need: 

- a mason jar of any size

-fresh cut flowers: chrysanthemums, sunflowers, or your favorite fall flower would work perfectly!

-leftover coffee grounds to fill jar

-small sandwich bag or flower tubes filled with water to increase the life of your flowers.


Fill flower tubes or sandwich bags with water and attach to ends of cut flowers.

-Fill mason jar with dry coffee grounds to cover up tubes/water containers.

-Display your beautiful creations!

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