Coffee Chemistry- Resveratrol and Freshness

Today we are launching a new series to educate our CoffVee Community on some of the lesser known benefits of resveratrol. Most people know about resveratrol because of its connection to red wine and heart health. However, this powerful antioxidant also has preservative properties that keep CoffVee fresher.

This might seem strange, but think about grapes, which are one of the most common sources of resveratrol. They grow above ground, high on vines, and are exposed to environmental hazards- including insects and UV rays. These delicate fruits need protection from the elements and resveratrol is naturally produced in grape skins to act as a natural defense.

Resveratrol performs a similar function in coffee. Our testing has shown that it prevents premature oxidization and helps keep brewed CoffVee tasting fresh for longer periods of time. Resveratrol is commonly used in the skin care industry to help protect against free radicals and sun damage.

Resveratrol is one of nature's most potent antioxidants! Drink CoffVee daily to make resveratrol a regular part of your diet. 


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